• Course starts on week 36.
  • All registrations in the course (including "omregistrering") should be done until 7 of September. Registrations received after this date imply that you cannot do all duggor.
  • You should read the course info before the course starts.
  • Some parts of this web site are password protected. E-mail course responsible to get password.
  • All material for the course is distributed through this website (except duggor).
  • Code for the labs, or duggor, exercises cannot be sent by e-mail.

About this course


The aim of this course is to introduce the basics of programming and algorithmic thinking, using C++. A description of the course goals can be obtained from the LiU studieinfo. No previous experience in programming is required.

The course consists of

  • 2 information sessions. Each info session is at most 2h.
  • 12 lectures (FÖ). Each lecture is 2h.
  • 6 lessons (LE). Each lesson is 2h.
  • 3 basic tutorials. Each tutorial is 2h.
  • 8 lab sessions (LA). Each lab session is 4h.

Lectures are given in English. Swedish and English may be used in the lessons, tutorials, and labs.


Course Responsible
Aida Nordman, Office: building Kopparhammaren 2, room 2012.

Contact person for MT

Martin Falk, Office: Kopparhammaren 2, room 069.

Contact person for ED and KTS

Peter Steneteg, Office: Kopparhammaren 2, room 069.

Molly Middagsfjell Kahin Hassan
Apostolia Tsirikoglou Jochen Jankowai
Emma Broman Robin Skanberg
Rebecca Cedermalm Sovanny Huy
Albin Bergström Emma Weberyd

Course administrator
Mirella Jormelin, Office: Kopparhammaren 2, room 2015.

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