• Read the information for the upcoming computer exam.
  • Read the instructions for the duggor and the criteria in the feedback report.
  • All registrations in the course (including "omregistrering") should be done until 6 of September. Registrations received after this date imply that you cannot do all duggor.
  • Read the course info.
  • All material for the course is distributed through this website (except duggor).
  • Code for the labs, or duggor, exercises cannot be sent by e-mail.
  • Some parts of this website are password protected. E-mail course responsible to get password.

About this course


The aim of this course is to introduce the basics of programming and algorithmic thinking, using C++. A description of the course goals can be obtained from the LiU studieinfo. No previous experience in programming is required.

Lectures are given in English. Swedish and English may be used in the lessons and labs.


Course Responsible
Aida Nordman


Course administrator
Irmeli Artursson

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