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VT2, 2021Posted by Aida Nordman


The course gives a solid knowledge of fundamental data structures and their accompanying algorithms. In practice, writing a working program is not good enough. If the program is to be run with large amounts of data then its efficiency, e.g. running time, becomes an issue. Therefore, techniques for estimating a program's usage of resources (e.g. time, space), without coding are discussed.
An important course goal is

  • To motivate objectively the choices made, concerning chosen data structures, and relate to the known scientific results in the field.

The course goals are described in the course plan

Lectures are given in English. Swedish and English may be used in the lessons, labs, and seminars.



There is a plan for the lectures, with indication of the corresponding course book sections.

A set of exercises (with facit) covering concepts discussed in the lectures is also provided.



In this course, you need to complete the four sets of lab exercises. All labs are developed in C++ programming language.

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