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Planning algorithms for an integrated paratransit service

This project investigates how paratransit systems for transportation of elderly and disabled can be combined with fixed-route public transport in order to create a more efficient transportation service, while offering a new public transport service to the general public. The project aims to develop a methodology for operational planning for an integrated paratransit system, in which travelers can travel some parts with the demand responsive service and some with fixed-route services. Designing integrated trips with the efficiency of the publicly financed paratransit service in focus, gives large combinatorial problems to be solved in order to decide which trips to perform as "integrated trips", where interchanges between transport modes should be made, which vehicle will perform the assignments etc. in order to find the best overall vehicle routes. This also means that the planning problem is very computationally demanding. We work with this problem both using explicit optimization formulations as well as with heuristic methods that are of more practical use for real cases.

Based on the aging population, there is every reason to believe that the demand for, and need of, transportation services will increase substantially in the near future. Due to this, there is great reason to review the opportunities for efficiency improvements available in this area. The impact of the project results are expected to contribute to increased efficiency of paratransit services.

Partners: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Planit Sweden AB and Västtrafik Financed by: VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems).

Participants from Linköping University:
Carl Henrik Häll (Project leader)
Marcus Posada (PhD-student)


Senior lecturer (associate professor) in Traffic systems


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