This is the homepage of the VINNOVA-funded project NEtworK Optimization for CarSharing Integration into a Multimodal TRANSportation System (EkoCS-Trans).

Project participants


  • •January 14, 2021: Presentation at the Transportforum.
  • •A paper on the complexity of the problem of determining the minimum number of Carsharing stations to cover a given area (C. Schmidt: Guarding Polyominoes under k-Hop Visibility or Minimum k-Dominating Sets in Grid Graphs) will appear in the 4th Iranian Conference on Computational Geometry (ICCG 2021), [PDF].
  • •October 21, 2020: Nisha gives a presentation on "Profit-Maximal Fleet Size for Fixed Stations in a Round-Trip Carsharing System" at the Swedish National Transport Conference
  • •April 23, 2020: We had the first reference group meeting for EkoCS-Trans.
  • •January 2020: the first technical report of the project, a literature review, is completed.
  • •June 2019: The PhD student in the project, Nisha Mishra, started her work at LiU.