TNK051 - fall 2019

All assignments are due beginning of class on the due date. You can submit on paper or via email or lisam (please use .pdf for electronic submissions). Group work is allowed (and encouraged) if not stated otherwise. Please submit one HW per group, clearly indicating who the group members are (if you solve different problems in different groups, submit the problems separately). Solutions are shared after the due dates.
  • Homework#1 needs to be submitted by September 20, 10:00
  • Homework#2 and the correction of homework#1 needs to be submitted by October 1
  • Homework#3 and the correction of homework#2 needs to be submitted by October 14
  • The correction of homework#3 needs to be submitted by October 21
  • Plagiarism is—as always—not allowed, make sure to produce original content.
  • If a homework has been submitted in time, but failed, may possibly be completed, the completion must be submitted at most one week after you received your result.
  • If a homework has been submitted in time, but failed and does not fulfill the requirements for completion, must resubmit the assignment at least two weeks later. In addition, the student needs to submit an additional assignment at the same time.
  • A homework that is submitted too late results in an addition assignment, which needs to be submitted at most two weeks after the original submission date. If the original assignment needs to be completed, the completion needs to be submitted by the same date.
If the above requirements are not met for one or several of the homework sets, this results in a final fail for the homework and for the complete course. The student may then participate the next time the course is offered.