Free Form Incident Light Fields

Jonas Unger, Stefan Gustavson, Per Larsson and Anders Ynnerman
  VITA, Linköping University
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) 2008



This paper presents methods for photo-realistic rendering using strongly spatially variant illumination captured from real scenes. The illumination is captured along arbitrary paths in space using a high dynamic range, HDR, video camera system with position tracking. Light samples are rearranged into 4D incident light fields (ILF) suitable for direct use as illumination in renderings. Analysis of the captured data allows for estimation of the shape, position and spatial and angular properties of light sources in the scene. The estimated light sources can be extracted from the large 4D data set and handled separately to render scenes more efficiently and with higher quality. The ILF lighting can also be edited for detailed artistic control.
Free Form Incident Ligth Fields Paper (17.3MB) (.pdf)
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EGSR 2008 presentation slides (15MB) (.pdf)
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