Temporally and Spatially Varying Image Based Lighting using HDR-video

J. Unger, J. Kronander, P. Larsson, S. Gustavson, A. Ynnerman
  Media and Information Technology, Linköping University, Sweden

Figure: Shows three renderings of a virtual helicopter. The synthetic helicopter is in each frame illuminated by an HDR light probe (displyed in the upper left corner) captured in-sync with the backplate video. This enables highly realistic renderings with dynamic image based lighting.

In this paper we present novel algorithms and data structures for capturing, processing and rendering with real world lighting conditions based on high dynamic range video sequences. Based on the captured HDR video data we show how traditional image based lighting can be extended to include illumination variations in both the temporal as well as the spatial domain. This enables highly realistic renderings where traditional IBL techniques using a single light probe fail to capture important details in the real world lighting environment. To demonstrate the usefulness of our approach, we show examples of both off-line and real-time rendering applications.
Keywords: High dynamic range video, Image based lighting, Scene capture and processing, Photo realistic rendering
Paper preprint: Temporally and Spatially Varying Image Based Lighting using HDR-video (.pdf) (16MB)

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This project was funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) through grant IIS11-0081, Linköping University Center for Industrial Information Technology (CENIIT), and the Swedish Research Council through the Linnaeus Environment CADICS.


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