Real-time video based lighting using GPU raytracing

Proceedings of EUSIPCO '14
J Kronander, J. Dahlin, D. Jönsson, Manon Kok, Thomas B. Schön, J. Unger
Linköping University, Uppsala University


The recent introduction of HDR video cameras has enabled the development of image based lighting techniques for rendering virtual objects illuminated with temporally varying real world illumination. A key challenge in this context is that rendering realistic objects illuminated with video environment maps is computationally demanding. In this work, we present a GPU based rendering system based on the NVIDIA OptiX framework, enabling real time raytracing of scenes illuminated with video environment maps. For this purpose, we explore and compare several Monte Carlo sampling approaches, including bidirectional importance sampling, multiple importance sampling and sequential Monte Carlo samplers. While previous work have focused on synthetic data and overly simple environment maps sequences, we have collected a set of real world dynamic environment map sequences using a state-of-art HDR video camera for evaluation and comparisons.
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Jonas Unger 2019