HOWTO: Install VRJuggler on Ubuntu

VRJuggler is only available in precompiled packages for a small set of platforms, not including the increasingly popular Ubuntu distribution of GNU/Linux. I've finally managed to compile VRJuggler 2.2.1 on Ubuntu Jaunty. Since there were many small errors, I'll hope that this step-by-step recall may help anyone else that venture the same task.

  1. I started off by installing a few packages readily available for Ubuntu: automake1.9, libboost-dev and scons. GMTL 0.5.2 can be downloaded as deb-file from the GGT webpage.
  2. GMTL of that version had some error in the path which you'll need to fix. /usr/share/flagpoll/gmtl-0.5.2-noarch.fpc is the file.
  3. Download and install flagpoll.
  4. The different dependencies put their flagpoll configuration files at different locations, so you'll have to write export FLAGPOLL_PATH="/usr/share/flagpoll:/usr/local/share/flagpoll:/usr/local/lib/flagpoll:/usr/local/lib/debug/flagpoll"
  5. Download and install CPPDOM. I needed to compile and install using the following command, since scons didn't identify my platform correctly sudo scons var_arch=ia32 prefix=/usr/local install
  6. Download and configure vrjuggler 2.2.1. I had to configure it with explicit path to boost, don't ask me why. ./ --with-boost-includes=/usr/include
  7. Use make build to compile. For every error you get, you'll have to add the following line at top of the file #include <string.h>
  8. Install using sudo make install