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osgQt::QGraphicsViewAdapter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 QGraphicsViewAdapter (osg::Image *image, QWidget *widget)
void setUpKeyMap ()
bool sendPointerEvent (int x, int y, int buttonMask)
bool sendKeyEvent (int key, bool keyDown)
void setFrameLastRendered (const osg::FrameStamp *frameStamp)
void clearWriteBuffer ()
bool requiresRendering () const
void render ()
void assignImage (unsigned int i)
void resize (int width, int height)
void setBackgroundColor (QColor color)
QColor getBackgroundColor () const
void setBackgroundWidget (QWidget *w)
 The 'background widget' will ignore mouse/keyboard events and let following handlers handle them It is mainly used for integrating scene graph and full-screen UIs.
QWidget * getBackgroundWidget ()
QGraphicsView * getQGraphicsView ()
QGraphicsScene * getQGraphicsScene ()

Protected Types

typedef std::map< int, Qt::Key > KeyMap

Protected Member Functions

bool handlePointerEvent (int x, int y, int buttonMask)
bool handleKeyEvent (int key, bool keyDown)
QWidget * getWidgetAt (const QPoint &pos)
virtual void customEvent (QEvent *event)

Protected Attributes

osg::observer_ptr< osg::Image_image
QWidget * _backgroundWidget
int _previousButtonMask
int _previousMouseX
int _previousMouseY
int _previousQtMouseX
int _previousQtMouseY
bool _previousSentEvent
bool _requiresRendering
int _width
int _height
KeyMap _keyMap
Qt::KeyboardModifiers _qtKeyModifiers
QColor _backgroundColor
QPointer< QGraphicsView > _graphicsView
QPointer< QGraphicsScene > _graphicsScene
QPointer< QWidget > _widget
OpenThreads::Mutex _qimagesMutex
OpenThreads::Mutex _qresizeMutex
unsigned int _previousFrameNumber
bool _newImageAvailable
unsigned int _currentRead
unsigned int _currentWrite
unsigned int _previousWrite
QImage _qimages [3]

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