Workshop on Separability Theory of Differential Equations


January 12 - 16, 2004


Department of Mathematics, Linköping University (Sweden)


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Directly after the conference State of-the-arts in the classical separability theory for differential equations we shall have a workshop from Monday January 12 until Friday January 16. This workshop is dedicated to present research problems in separability theory.
The idea is that interested participants will stay few days longer and will have a genuine opportunity to discuss research problems after the lecture-intensive days of the conference.


Every participant of the workshop can stay over a period that she/he chooses; every participant will have to clear his bill with Valla office. The cost of stay is under 500kr per day and depends essentially on which meals are taken in Valla refectory.

The program of this workshop will be decided during the conference depending on who will wish to stay longer and who will want to give a lecture on his research.

During this workshop we shall have not more then two presentations per day and they may have quite different character then the official conference presentations. They are supposed to be much less formal so that the audience may ask questions and conduct discussion during presentation of the material.

Already V.Bagrov, M.Blaszak, E.Kalnins, G.Rastelli, A.Shapovalov have committed themselves to stay until Friday 16. From Linköping the following persons will participate: J.Jonasson, H.Lundmark, K.Marciniak, S.Rauch M.Sköldstam, C.Waksjö and, may be, few others.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please reserve your flights accordingly and register yourself with Krzysztof Marciniak or Stefan Rauch.            


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