EGEV2020 Posters Event

Welcome to the Virtual Posters Event of EGEV2020.

This page serves as a central hub and overview of all posters accepted at EGEV2020 and presented on Wednesday, May 27 at 17:15 CEST (UTC+2). Besides links to the individual posters and abstracts you will also find the link to a Discord channel. Join the Discord Voice channel with the same name to discuss the poster with the presenter during the Posters Event.

The Posters Event will start with a livestream on YouTube at 17:15 .

If you did not yet join the EGEV2020 Discord, please do so in order to participate in the virtual poster session.

Eurovis Best Poster

The Best Poster Award of Eurovis goes to:

Evaluation of Mesh Compression and GPU Ray Casting for Tree Based AMR data in VTK

Antoine Roche

The slides of the announcement can be found here.

Virtual Poster Session

Wednesday, 17:15 CEST (UTC+2)

Posters Chairs

Jan Byška, Stefan Jänicke (Eurovis)
Tobias Ritschel, Gabriel Eilertsen (Eurographics)


Eurovis Posters
Eurographics Posters
Discord Channel

Poster 7630: A Web-based Visual Analytics Application for Biological Networks

Michael Krone

Poster 1720: A tool to help lay out Multiple View Visualisations guided by view analysis

Hayder Al-maneea

Poster 5110: Visual Analysis of the Traffic Reimbursement Data for the Overtime

Qiangqiang Liu

Poster 6953: A Tool for N-way Analysis of Programming Exercises

Carlos Andujar

Poster 1933: Evaluation of Mesh Compression and GPU Ray Casting for Tree Based AMR data in VTK

Antoine Roche

Poster 4402: Data Driven Multi-Hazard Risk Visualization

Ritesh Sharma

Poster 3579: ResFlow: Visualizing Global Resource Flows

Carlo Navarra

Poster 7377: Accurate Visualization of Galaxy Velocity Fields from Three-Dimensional Integral Field Spectroscopy Data

Rikuo Uchiki

Poster 6694: Rockwell adhesion test - Approach to standard modernization

Damjan Hatic

Poster 4718: Designing Effective Network Visualization Representations of Disinformation Operations – Improving DisInfoVis

Alexandra Pavliuc

Poster 5969: The Impact of EuroVis Publications

Lucy Smith

Poster 1000: An end-to-end framework for 3D capture and human digitization with a single RGB camera

Luiz Schirmer

Poster 1001: Fabric Appearance Benchmark

Sebastian Merzbach

Poster 1003: Streamlining Photogrammetry Reconstructions of Bone Fragments for Bioarchaeological Analysis, Conservation, and Public Engagement

Adam Redford

Poster 1004: Integrating Local Collision Avoidance with Shortest Path Maps

Renato Farias

Poster 1007: GPU-Accelerated Generation of the Molecular Surface

Mousa Alhazzazi