Pesonalized EntiTieS (PETS)

PETS, or Pesonalized EntiTieS, is an ongoing interactive installation project in collaboration with Norrköping Visualization Centre. Our long-term aim is to allow children to create/customize their own animals, which they later can interact with at the Centre.

The idea is to separate the creation of the animals from the interaction. In that way, it is possible to place the creation stations somewhere other than the Centre. This may in turn attract people to come to the centre to visit their animals. PETS is called Animalistic or Djuriskt in the exhibition. When a child that has created an animal visits the Centre, the animal it has created should recognize it and respond accordingly. It will be possible for the child to interact with its animals, as well as with other animals, using general body language and pointing devices. The first stage of the project is to create a virtual world in which virtual animals reside. Visitors to the center can interact with these animals using a Kinect device.
For the AICGLab, this project is mainly an extension of our work with virtual characters. Our primary focus is to test our artificial intelligence system in a very concrete and long-term application.

Time Plan

The project is finished and was on display in the Norrköping Visualization Centre. It will be running until early spring 2012.

Project Members

  • Jonatan Nyberg - Project Developer
  • Mariadele Arcuri - Creative Designer
  • Linus Grybäck - Diploma Work Student
  • Verner Ljung - Diploma Work Student, FE
  • Fredrik Lundquist - Diploma Work Student, FE
  • Anja Johansson, PhD student
  • Pierangelo Dell'Acqua