Spider Robot

This is a project in collaboration with the group Electronics and System Engineering at the division of Physics and Electronics (FE) at ITN.

This project has been temporarily suspended.

Our aim is to create an intelligent spider robot from the start. The AICG lab will provide the artificial intelligence behind the project while Physics and Electronics will create the actual physical robot. The goal is to create a good demonstration robot for the ED programme that can attract future students that are visiting the campus.

Currently two ED-students (Daniel and Albert) are working on constructing the robot. We, at the AICG Lab, are looking for diploma workers to develop the artificial intelligence needed for the project.

Project Members

  • Albert Steging - Project Developer, FE
  • Daniel Kullander - Project Developer, FE
  • Ole Pedersen - Lecturer, FE
  • Anja Johansson, PhD student
  • Pierangelo Dell'Acqua