Final project in TNGD25 3D graphics for GDK3 2018

Lectures, labs and your own experiments in period 1 give 4 hp. The project in period 2 gives 4 hp as well. 4 hp corresponds to about 120 hours of work. The project work is to be performed mostly without direct supervision in groups of around 4 people. Smaller groups are allowed if there is good reason for it, but working alone is definitely not recommended. Larger groups than 6 people is also not recommended. In that case, it will be better to split the group into two groups, possibly having them collaborate in some manner.

The project should be based on your own ideas. I want you to pick a task based on your own expectations on the course and your own interest in the subject. Please note that this does not mean that you should do something you already feel comfortable with. You are not supposed to do more of what you already know - you should practice on things you don't know. It helps a lot if you are actively interested in what you want to do, of course. I want you to be confused and expand your comfort zone, but not only is it allowed to be fun, it should be fun, or else you won't learn nearly as much.

Giving concrete examples on what you can do is difficult. Generally speaking, nothing is impossible. You have the same tools as the professionals in the area and you have plenty of relevant skills and talent to go with it. However, your ambitions need to be scaled back quite a bit compared to professional productions. For one thing, you have very limited time to do this, and you also don't have full knowledge of the tools you need to use, or even full knowledge of what tools you need. I want you to have enough time to make mistakes along the way and try different things. Even though mistakes don't move the project forward, you learn a lot from making them, and sometimes mistakes result in creative ideas you wouldn't have had otherwise. This is a course, and the main outcome is what you learn, not what you produce. Still, I hope for you to have the time and the energy to create something you can be proud of, even though by necessity it will be more limited and simpler than a professional production.

Form groups based on common interests and similar levels of ambition, find inspiration from film, TV, computer games, commercials, visualisations, science, art, anything where you see an opportunity to use 3-D tools to do creative work without working yourselves to death. Once you have talked amongst yourselves for a bit about your idea, I want you to meet with me to make it more concrete and set reasonable and relevant goals. The start-up meeting with me will require about an hour per group, and you are free to contact me any time to schedule that. Once the project starts, I will keep in touch, and it's possible to schedule some course-wide sessions if needed, but right now, i don't plan on having any scheduled hours during period 2. I will leave it entirely up to you to manage the project, and I won't require regular meetings with you. Let me know if you want help and support, and I will make my very best effort to accomodate you in a timely fashion. I should be easy to get hold of via e-mail. My work phone is often left unattended, though.

During the lecture Wednesday the 10th of Octtober (which most of you skipped for some reason), I tried to present a brief summary of the possible types of projectthat are available to you, but I won't repeat that list here. Simply put, you can do anything you want, but please be aware that you are probably better off focusing on making relatively simple things well than taking on too much work and being forced to take lots of shortcuts to finish in reasonable time. I do not grade the quantity of your work, apart from asking you to please spend the allotted time of 120 hours on this project. The most important aspect for grading is the quality of your work, and how well you have been using the 3-D tools available to you.

Last but not least: if you need anything from me, let me know! You are not a terribly large group, and I can easily manage communicating with all of you over e-mail. I don't want to micromanage you, so I will respectfully keep my distance if I am not asked to step in, and if I don't hear from you, I will assume that everything is going well. However, I would hate to learn long after the fact that you had wished for more help and guidance, so don't hesitate to contact me!

Good luck with your project planning, and I'll see you soon!

Stefan Gustavson 2018-10-11