Project information TNM061 2020

The final project in the course is meant to be performed during the last half of the spring semester (VT2), and to be presented for all course participants at the end of the semester. I will get back to you with details on the exact time and place for that. Details on the format for the presentation will also be forthcoming, but it wil primarily be an oral presentation, with only a brief and informal written documentation as a complement, a couple of pages in length. The focus for my grading is not on the written documentation, but on the project execution in general.

The project is meant to be performed in a group of four to six people. Smaller groups are allowed if there are good reasons for it. Working alone is definitely not recommended. Groups larger than six people should be split up to avoid unnecessary problems with project organisation.

I woulr greatly prefer you to form the groups by yourselves, guided by your personal interests and levels of ambition. It makes for a more fun and rewarding experience in general. When you have a group, I want you to meet with me to agree on a project asignment which suits you, which is relevant to the course and which provides a reasonable challenge. If, for some reason, you cannot find a group of colleagues for collaboration, feel free to send a heads-up to the mailing list for the course. You may also contact me, but I have no real options for match-making other than sending messages to the same mailing list.

With each group, I want an introductory meeting before you decide exactly what to do, and before you set out working hard with the project. For that meeting, you do not need to have a finalized idea or a concrete plan for the work, but please consider at least what kind of project you would like to undertake. Programming? Animation? Modeling? Lighting and rendering? Film or still images? Interactive or pre-rendered? Real images and video in the mix, or only 3-D renderings? Realism or some other visual expression? Suggestions for tools? Sources of inspiration and references?

The forst meeting usually takes about an hour, and then both you and I usually have a better bearing on where we are heading. Meetings are booked simply by sending me an e-mail message ( Suggest a couple of alternative time slots which suit you, and I will most likely be able to accomodate you. You are most welcome to book a meeting even before VT2 starts. I am at work also during the exam period, and my schedule is reasonably flexible. If you ahve any questions and thoughts in general, feel free to contact me either individually or as a group. The easiest channel for reacahing me is by e-mail.

Form groups, and think about what you want to do. I am looking forward to meeting you soon to discuss your ideas further! There is no real hurry, but please don't take too long to think about this. I will remind you at the outset of VT2 but, like I said, you are most welcome to get in touch with me before then.

Stefan Gustavson