A Lego Paul Debevec documenting the Lego Parthenon

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This page is a silly joke between colleagues. If you don't get it, you might be enlightened by visiting Paul's page of HDR related research, particularly the Parthenon project page.

Paul documenting the light at the site by means of a Lego light probe. (Yes, the reflective ball is an actual Lego piece. There are no non-Lego objects in this scene.)

A close-up view of Paul and the ball. You can just barely make out the silhouette of the photographer (me) in the reflection in the ball.

If you got this far without giving up on the joke, you might be interested in a large format version of this image in HDR format, a 7 MB download. (If you don't know what the HDR image file format is and don't have special software to view it, please don't bother downloading it.)

Lego model and web page created by Stefan Gustavson, August 2004.