CAMAD 2017 will be hosted at the premises of the Department of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT) of Lund University at Building E at Ole Romers väg 3, in Auditorium E:A and sessions’ room E:3139 – there will be clearly visible signs leading you to the conference venues throughout key entrances and locations of the E Building. Lund, is located in the Scania province i Southern Sweden 15 minutes drive from Malmö and 40 minutes from Copenhagen in Denmark. The city of Lund has its origin from around year 1000, which makes it one of the oldest cities in Sweden. The Scania province was a part of Denmark until it became Swedish in 1658 and today the province has strong ties with Denmark with many cities being part of the Greater Copenhagen Area.

Lund University was founded in 1666 and is today the largest University in Sweden. CAMAD will be hosted by Lund Institute of Technology (LTH), the largest of the 8 faculties in the university and home to the Engineering departments.

Traveling to Lund can be done either by train or air. The international airport is Copenhagen airport from which there are trains leaving for Lund regularly. Domestic and regional flights can be done to Malmö airport from which there are buses to Lund.

The LTH campus is located to the North East of the city centre. The walking distance is around 15 minutes and there is also a network of public buses operating within the city.

Lund is a town dominated by the University. The majority of Lund's citizen either study at the University or work there, but there is also a strong tech industry located around the Ideon science park, next to LTH. The local industry has a strong focus on mobile systems, devices and eco-systems with Ericsson and Sony mobile being the two largest corporations in this segment. Today, Lund is one of the leading and driving locations globally, for research and development of 5G technologies.